Q: Why buy from Scale Warehouse and More?

A: Because we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We are people WHO KNOW SCALES who have an extensive background in the scale industry. We also offer the widest variety of scales and we pledge to continuously offer the BEST PRICES to you EVERYDAY.

Q: Where does my product ship from, how fast is my order processed and when will I expect it to ship?

A: Your order will be processed same day. In our effort to keep overhead low and pass savings on to our customers, we do not stock every scale model from every manufacturer we offer (we'd need a LARGE warehouse), so the majority of our products SHIP DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER. If the product is not currently in stock, we will notify you immediately. So your order will be processed M-F between whatever the manufacturer's hours are. Generally speaking, most manufacturer's can ship within 24 hours and usually the same business day.We can provide tracking numbers upon request if you wish to track your package. 

Q: What if I have a problem with the scale or other product I've purchased? What are my options? Is there a Warranty?

A: Outside of our standard return policy, your product is warrantied FROM THE MANUFACTURER. Like other products you purchase as a consumer, once you purchase, PLEASE REGISTER YOUR ITEM WITH THE MANUFACTURER. If you have any difficulty with programming, or require legal-for-trade installation, please Contact Us either on-line or phone (610-625-1865) to discuss your specific needs. Bottom line is: regardless of everything just said, we are here to guide you in any way we can!